New Concept Infill House Plan

The economics of most infill projects require high density sites.  Therefore, one of the most important features of any infill design is the creation of a private, yet open outdoor space. House Plan 9738 features a private side-yard and porch with views from the living/dining area, kitchen, master bedroom and upstairs study/bedroom.  The exterior materials […]

Tiny Concept Cottage House Plan

By Larry Garnett, There is a tremendous amount of information these days regarding Tiny Houses and Small Cottage Living. The growing number of television shows and magazines focusing on small square footage living spaces reflects our fascination with this concept.  While some people are actually downsizing and reducing their clutter to live in one of […]

Conceptual Designs: Open Concept Ranch Floor Plan

By Larry Garnett As cost for urban lots continue to increase, home builders are faced with the task of finding house plans for narrow lots. One of the greatest challenges when designing these home plans is creating a sense of privacy.  While many new developments encourage spacious front porches, it’s also important to provide some […]

Introducing Innovative Residential Conceptual Designs

By Larry Garnett I developed the idea of Conceptual Designs several years ago to offer innovative new home designs to my builder and developer clientele in various parts of the country. Although existing “stock house plans” provide an economical solution for some, many builders desire construction drawings with the exact level of detail they are […]

The Kitchen: Focal Point of the Home

For the vast majority of us, the kitchen becomes the focal point of our home.  If you’re not convinced of that, the next time you entertain family and friends, notice what happens.  Even if you place the food in the formal dining room, people will fill their plates and then naturally gravitate back to the […]

How to Design Impressive House Exteriors By Combining Materials – Part 1

Obviously, material selection becomes a critical component of exterior design with lots of considerations. Therefore, I’m presenting this in two parts. Combining various exterior design materials is a longstanding practice, undertaken sometimes in the interest of aesthetics or, more often, because of budget constraints. While using expensive ma-terials in combination with less expensive materials can […]

What is Good Design – Part 3

To understand the importance of scale inside a home, consider the differences between public buildings and houses. Offices, malls, schools, and places of worship are intentionally built on a huge scale, often with soaring ceilings, walls of glass, and massive beams. This allows large numbers of people to inhabit them in comfort. However, homes that […]

What is Good Design – Part 2

As previously mentioned, although “good” design proves challenging to define, one of the essential elements of an appealing home is proper proportion. One example of incorrect proportion is a roof that appears either too tall or too low for the rest of the home. The mass of the roof must be proportional to the main […]