The Kitchen: Focal Point of the Home

For the vast majority of us, the kitchen becomes the focal point of our home.  If you’re not convinced of that, the next time you entertain family and friends, notice what happens.  Even if you place the food in the formal dining room, people will fill their plates and then naturally gravitate back to the crowded kitchen.  As more homeowners decide to eliminate the formal dining room, the kitchen truly becomes the center for entertaining….and day to day family living.


In recent years, creating kitchens opening to the family room and dining area have become extremely popular.  Such openness allows people to feel like they are involved with the activities in the kitchen, even though they remain the family room or dining area.  Additionally, the person preparing meals does not feel isolated and can take part in the family room conversations and activities.


Traffic patterns are important throughout he home. In the kitchen, they become critical.  Avoid plans that force traffic through the kitchen (such as entering the home from the garage directly into the kitchen).  Instead, select a design that directs people around  the area, thereby reducing congestion within the kitchen.


At the same time, make sure that your plan does provide convenient and logical passage from the kitchen to the garage or family entrance for ease of unloading groceries.  Somewhere along this family entrance passage, plan for a drop zone designing practical storage for keys, cell,phones, mail and everything else that usually ends up on the kitchen counter! We’ll talk about family entries later in more detail.


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